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Produced and hosted by Amy Renee Haines.

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History in a Few Words explores the past in various ways. Amy looks at memory, culture, art, and environment for starters to ask questions about where we’ve been, and perhaps help us understand the complexities of where we are. Amy looks at topics related to death and dying, cemeteries, mortuary art, obsessions with artifacts of the dead, how we commemorate them and more, in this first series exploring mortality and how we grapple with it.

Image courtesy of Amy Haines, all rights reserved, 2022.

For more information about Roadside Memorials check out these articles, books, and websites:

“RIP By the Roadside: A Comparative Study of Roadside Memorials in New South Wales, Australia, and Texas, United States,” by Jennifer Clark and Ashley Cheshire, 2004.

Grassroots Memorials: The Politics of Memorializing Traumatic Death. Edited by Peter Jan Margry and Cristina Sanchez-Carretero, 2011.

“Private Memorials on Public Space: Roadside Crosses at the Intersection of the Free Speech Clause and the Establishment Clause,” by Amanda Reid, 2013.

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